The Thing is… You need advice.

Solo Girls (Sologirls, Solo Models, Solo Babes) are girls with their own websites who don’t have to be amateurs but aren’t major studio porn stars. You get a variety of looks, styles and content with Sologirls. Content ranges from non-nude (tease and denial/strip tease) to amateur masturbation and hardcore. Different girls do amateur sets, professional sets, Webcam videos, HD videos, blogs, live shows and all sorts of other stuff to allow surfers to get to know their personality and see them from different sides. The majority of sologirls are 18-25 year old babes, the best of whom run successful sites for a long time. Many girls pose for adult publications and large adult sites and some eventually move into the professional porn world. Many sologirls are more popular than most professional porn stars without ever leaving their personal site.

Advice on Solo Girls:
1. If you like the girl, go get a one month membership to her site. Most sites offer non-recurring memberships, but if not you can cancel any membership you sign up for before it bills again anyway. If you’re in the site and like it, but don’t see that it’s updating… Don’t rebill or join again unless you want to revisit the content or are rebilling to store the content online and revisit it at your leisure.

2. If the girl does update and offers enough stuff for you to stay, like cam shows and personal attention along with weekly updates, then hell, stick around if you want.
However we can’t tell you that a girl does cam shows every 3 days just because she says she will. They all stop and start and switch sites and on and on… There’s always something.

3. Value is in the eye of the beholder. The best sites to me are the ones with the type of girls I like doing the type of content I like. I’ve joined sites that are brand new and constantly update that I thought were boring, and I’ve joined sites that hadn’t updated in 2 years that were full of entertaining content.

The same applies to quantity. Porn is a luxury item meant for pleasure. When it comes to luxury, enjoyment, etc. an 8 oz. cut of Filet Mignon is better than 64 ounces of Spam. The “Bargain basement value” idea does not apply to luxury items in any context and never will. If a site offers me access to 50 other sites I think suck and another offers me access one that I like I’ll take the one I like. I just can’t bring myself to jerk off to the idea that I saved a dollar or got a free site… It’s not a turn on.
Now if I’m choosing between a site that offers access to 50 site I like and on that offers access to one small site, I’ll take the 50, because I like them. More enjoyment. See?

4. Solo girl sites are maddening only because sometimes the experience you expect isn’t always what comes through. That’s why there’s the most written about them here.
Stick with the simple plan of joining sites of girls you think are hot that are doing stuff you like to see and that have enough content to make it worth your 25 bucks or whatever. I figure that if I get a fair amount of entertainment for the price of one measly lap dance then I’ve done well… If you don’t have that attitude don’t bother with any of them.

5.Non-nude sites.

Non-nude sites are solo sites that have strip tease or tease and denial content. This is an immensely popular niche online, yet some porn fans don’t know it exists. They join a site with zero nudity on the tour and no text that mentions full nudity and then get bent out of shape when they find out there’s none inside either. These people are not idiots, they just fucked up and joined a tease site. They can also get a refund easily from the biller so I don’t know why they’re bitching on forums about it but I digress.
Non-nude sites are specifically coy about what’s inside because it’s part of the allure for their fans. Tease fans don’t WANT to know if and when they’re going to see a glimpse of nudity. That’s the whole damn point.
There are probably less than 10 good non-nude sites online.

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